Transplanted Some Strawberries To The Sunny Side of The Yard

I didn’t get the new plot for our rhubarb and strawberry patch dug up last fall as I had planned. Then of course this spring it hasn’t stopped raining long enough for our backyard to drain.

I wanted them behing our vegetable garden which is a low area in our yard. The water just sits on the surface and takes a long time to drain.

Each area we work for planting is given a good mixture of topsoil and peatmoss added to the clay. It breaks up the clay and makes it much better at draining.

Mother Nature hasn’t been very cooperative this year. Two months of on and off rain has water-logged the lawn making each shovel of dirt heavier than the one before. The mud would cling to the my shovel and needed scraping off the shovel for every shovel full. Doesn’t take long to wear me out doing that.

But eventually I got the two holes dug but then within minutes they filled with water. They did drain for days as it wouldn’t stop raining.

Watering Hole For Ducks

Once the holes finally drained I was right out there with some peatmoss, topsoil and my shovel. It didn’t take me long to transplant the strawberries once the holes were drained.

I didnt’ use all the strawberry plants as this year I am giving the Topsy Turvy planters a try. I’ve got a few friends who have tried them and they love them so I bought two Topsy Turvy planters, one for strawberries and the other for tomatoes.

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