Termite Tenting Cost

Figuring out the termite tenting cost will help you determine if the tenting treatment is the right treatment for your home. Let’s go through some details about termite tenting to help you better understand the process and how the cost is calculated.

Termite tenting is yet another treatment method used to get rid of termites. Before we get into how much tenting cost, lets look at exactly what termite tenting is.

What is termite tenting?

Termite tenting or also know as termite fumigation is a process where your entire house is covered in a special nylon tent and then a gas known as Vikane is let out throughout the house. This gas is colorless, odorless and tends not to leave any type of residue.

This process usually takes one to two days to be completed. Throughout those two days the house must remain sealed so it is important for you to make a few arrangements to stay with a family member or friend.

Termite Tenting Cost – Preparation

It is important that you follow the preparation instructions from the termite company to ensure that none of your personal items are messed up. They are likely to give you instructions to remove all pets from the house and package certain things into special double bags. They should also provide you with other instruction on how to cover your mattresses and pillows.

It is important for you to clean and clear around the house and yard, this will ensure the workers have enough space to maneuver around. This also allows the gas to reach down into the ground. This type of treatment is most effective when you are looking to treat drywood termites.

Now the average cost of termite tenting usually starts at around $2,000 and increases from there. Remember that the cost of tenting depends on exactly how many square feet your house is and whether or not you have other things in the yard that need to be treated as well.

This is just a basic rundown on what termite tenting is and how you should prepare for the treatment. It is important that you consult a termite company in order to determine the actual termite tenting cost.

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