Sprucing Up The Yard And Drive With Lawn Edging

Just What is Lawn Edging?

Lawn edging is used to keep your lawn from growing into your shrubs, trees, vegetable garden and any other area in your yard so as to keep it looking clean and sharp. It makes your yard look tailored and can be quite attractive.

Usually your landscaper will add the lawn edging after landscaping or any related actions is carried out. You can check your yellow pages or of course online for landscapers in your area.

We do our own landscaping but never did more than use a spade to keep the lawn edges straight and clean looking but we still find the lawn creeps into places we don’t want so this coming year was are redoing all the lawn edging and adding some kind of border to control the grass.

Jenny did some edging around her Petunias and it actually made them look even cuter. She chose a little plastic white picket fence, about 4 or 5 inches high. Reminded me of the white picket fence around my granddads yard on Cornhill Street, Moncton.

It is possible to use a wide variety of things to make this happen like wooden, bricks, plastic strips and stones. But just before you decide to start with your lawn edging endeavour, you have to locate out where you ought to edge and what equipment and stuff to make utilization of.

We are going to be creating a few gardens in our backyard for flowers and shrubs. As we go we will use lawn edging as everything will be surrounded with lawn.

At the time we purchased our current home the property was a little run down and overgrown, as the previous owners were with the military and weren’t able to spend a lot of time at home.

If it had not been in poor shape we would have been asked to pay a lot more and would have needed to move on as it was already at the limit of our budget.

The driveway and sidewalks are in desperate need of a makeover to get them looking good again. A job for next spring.

A Variety of Lawn Edging Materials

Jenny used long strips of PVC edging that was pretty quick to install and is doing a great job at keeping the lawn out of the flower beds in the front of the house. Quick, clean, easy to do and great to look at.

We just used the garden spade to make an opening in the soil in the shape of the flower bed and then just pushed the edging down into the open, packed it on both sides and it was done. I would say each one took us less than a half hour to complete.

Below are a few examples of the lawn and garden edging you can get today.

Plastic or Plastic Strips – Plastic pretty much lasts forever so why not put it to use in a place you will want if to years to come. It’s also quite affordable.

The plastic we used is black, looks great and was rolled up for easy transporting, even on the bus as we don’t have a vehicle right now.

Very easy to install as you really only need a garden spade and maybe a tape measure to get shapes you might create accurate.

Wood – Apart from becoming cost-effective, wood is actually a extremely common lawn edging content as a result of its earthy elegance. And because of this, it easily goes with any type of garden. The drawback of employing wood is always that they decay very easily which suggests you just cannot leave them outside for an extended time.

Note: There were two flower gardens side by side that had edging when we moved here. The owners at that time had put plastic around the one as they were putting it together. Not sure if it was the second and done as an afterthought but only one had been done.

This summer I was digging them up and adding compost when I noticed how badly the one without the plastic had rotted under the ground while the other, even though the plastic is now hard and cracked the wood is still firm.

So we will be putting plastic around any wooden edging we do to help it last years longer.

Bricks – I love the idea of using brick for edging along our driveway. I have been watching a building that’s about to be torn down here in Moncton. I am going to see if they will let me take a bunch of the old bricks as they can be a bit costly when you need a few hundred or so.

I have seen the bricks lying flat which can look good but I have also seen them broken in half and stood vertically with the brick’s corner pointing up. We will most likely use both methods.

I would like to build a big round flower bed with a brick edging. It would be raised in the middle and have big rocks and flowers. I have seen this type of flower bed before and really like it.

Rocks – We like the idea of using flat rock for edging although this would take a lot more work to match the rocks together but the end result is spectacular and worth the effort.

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