Plant Propagating To Make More Rose Bushes Using Air Layering

The rose bush we have at the corner of the driveway and sidewalk have been pushing out into the drive for a couple of years. It’s time to trim it but instead of wasting the trimmings I plan to use air layering to propagate more rose bushes to create a hedge along the sidewalk.

It has little pink roses that look great and there is a house on the next street over that has a rose bush hedge and I enjoy walking past it all the time.

They have a 6 foot high wooden fence behind their hedge that makes it look really cool. We won’t have a fence like that so I hope it still looks as nice. I think it will take about a dozen or more so I hope the main plant gives us enough.

Using Air Layering To Propagation Plants

I think I will do most of the air layer on the back of the rose bush so that street side still looks nice as well as those that are protruding into the driveway. Those shoots tend to grab clothing as we walk by. That means we will also try and air layer those sticking out over the sidewalk.

We enjoy visiting our local nursery, McArthur’s Nursery but this year we won’t be spending nearly as much money there as we a gaining more gardening experience each year and now we don’t need as much as we did 5 years ago when we bought our home. Maybe we will get that garden cart this year.

I had planned to dig up the rose bush to see if I could separate the roots into another couple of rose bushes but thought I might end up killing it. Air layers seems like it’s the perfect way to propagate the plant and I am sure we will get many more than if I tried to split the root system.

I’m so looking forward to spring, it’s just a couple of months away and I can get out of the house and start cleaning up our yard, it’s a mess.

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