Non-Toxic Termite Treatment

Using other treatment may require that you take another look at the termite treatment cost. If you happen to be a little sketchy about using other treatments that require the use of toxins, you have the option to use the non-toxic treatments below. Many individuals choose these options when the other treatments could cause environmental damage in the area they are in. But whatever the case may be you still have these other options available.

Termite Treatment Cost – List of Non-Toxic Treatments

  • heat treatment;
  • microwaves and electricity;
  • orange oil;
  • baiting.

These are the four non-chemical treatment options that you have to choose from, below are details pertaining to each method. It is important for you to remember that the termite treatment cost will vary for each method.

Heat Treatment

This is a treatment that kills termites in both extreme heat and extremely cold conditions. This process is almost the same as the fumigation process but without the chemicals. The benefit of this is that you will not have residue left on the items in your house. The only problem with the heat treatment is that it may damage any items that you have that may be heat sensitive. With the cold treatment it requires the injection of liquid in the infected areas.

Microwaves and Electricity

This type of treatment is typically only used for areas with small infestations, however, this type of methods typically works with the drywood termites.

Orange Oil

This type of treatment is produced from fruits that are from the citrus family. Just like Microwaves and Electricity, this method is only used for small infestations of termites. In order for this method treatment to work you will need to know the location of the termite colony.


This is another termite treatment method that is used that does not contain chemicals. This is process is where bait stations are set up and used but the real success of this method depends on the size of the termite colony.

These are the methods that are used when strong chemicals cannot be used. These are rather simple yet effective non-toxic termite treatment methods you can use but ensure you check out the termite treatment cost for each method before you decide which one to go with.

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