How to choose a vacuum blower: a guide to the final choice

Do you have to buy a vacuum blower but you are very undecided?
We too have been faced with this choice in the past. But now that we have much more experience in this area, we would like to help you choose the best backpack leaf blower. Of course, the concept of “best” varies from subject to subject. There is no “best of all”, there is only “best for oneself”.

Vacuum blower: which one to choose?

To help you choose the ideal vacuum blower, we have simply formulated some questions and answered them. From these answers it will be easy for you to understand if what we are talking about concerns your situation or not (actually, even from the same question it will be easy for you to understand it).

Do you have a small garden? Short-term “hobby” jobs?

If you have to take care of small chores (such as removing the dry leaves from the driveway) and that involves the use of a few minutes, then our advice is to opt for the purchase of the battery-powered vacuum blower.
Because it is the ideal tool for occasional and not too demanding jobs. It does not need an electrical connection or even fuel. Thanks to the lithium battery you will enjoy maximum freedom.
We have chosen some offers that you will surely find very interesting. 

Medium / large garden for a continuous use cycle?

In this case, the right choice is the electric vacuum blower. Compared to the battery-powered model, it allows you to work continuously thanks to the connection to the electrical socket at home. The only small hindrance could come from the length of the thread. But this is actually a bogus problem because you just need to use an extension cable.
The size of the garden must not be excessive, otherwise, it is less convenient to use this tool (or in any case you get to the point where not even the extension can help you). Our advice is to evaluate that the distance between the catch for the attack and the point where you have to catch the leaves and debris, is not excessive.

Professional use or large garden for more demanding jobs?

Do you only deal with damp leaves and debris? Is your garden large? Are you a professional who works daily with a blower?
Then, there is no doubt, what is right for you is the petrol blower vacuum cleaner. It is characterized by greater power and performance than the types mentioned above. Features that make it perfect for any professional field. There are both models for hobby use and not on the market. In this regard, we have selected some timed offers that are worth viewing. You can buy a quality product at a really discounted price.

Do you not only need to vacuum and blow, but also to shred?

In this case, regardless of the engine, you need a blower that also acts as a shredder. Thanks to the blades it is able to shred leaves and debris collecting them in a collection basket and making them useful for composting. The higher the shredding value (we recommend a minimum ratio of at least 10: 1) the better the shredding.
Also in this case we invite you to view some really advantageous offers.

Do you have to use the blower for many hours? Do you have back problems?

Both in the first (long-lasting use) and in the second case (muscle and back pain) our advice is to rely on the shoulder blower. You will be able to carry your tool on your back as if it were a backpack and this, therefore, allows you to significantly reduce physical effort. In addition, the anti-vibration system protects the back from strong vibrations.

From the shredder aspirator directly to the bin?

Don’t you feel like having to empty the waste bin every time and then throw the garbage into the bin?
Do you prefer the blower vacuum itself to do this?
Then you have no choice but to opt for the Black & Decker gw3050 qs electric vacuum blower which is equipped with a special Leaf Connection system . That is: a flexible hose that connects directly to the garbage can, so you will not have slowdowns during your work.

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