Happy Home Gardening: Building a Cucumber Trellis

Ah, the taste of freshly grown vegetables in a salad, as a side dish with dinner or paired with your favourite dip. The crisp crunch of raw veggies is hard to beat, especially on a hot summer day.

If you’re planning to plant your garden full of goodies like lettuce and cucumber this year but are worried you don’t have enough space or shade, consider building a cucumber trellis. Cucumbers grow best when steered upwards and lettuce grows well in adequate shade.

A trellis will also add a wonderful dynamic to your backyard by giving more life to the scenery. Read on for some additional benefits.

Engage in DIY Fun

A cucumber trellis is easy to build yourself. Purchase materials like cut lumber, screws and netting from your local hardware store and have a trellis built and upright in only a few hours. Choose wood that complements the design of your home and/or outdoor furniture to make the trellis as visually appealing as possible. Consider working with a contractor if you hit a snag with your project, could use a second set of hands or need help supporting the frame against unpredictable elements like wind and hard rain. Be mindful of your climate and choose wood that will weather well so your new trellis doesn’t look prematurely aged.

Improve Your View

Your backyard will immediately look more lush with an array of thriving home grown vegetables. Enjoy sitting with friends on the patio on a summer evening and admiring the beautiful view of greenery, growing vegetables and the fruits of your hard work. You might just encourage your friends to build their own trellises or other garden implements.

Eat Fresher Foods

When cucumber plants grow upwards, they are healthier and avoid the risk of soil diseases. When directed to grow on a trellis, they will also receive better exposure to sunlight and air, which will help them thrive. Cucumbers can’t grow in shade but a crop of cukes on a trellis will provide the shade your lettuce needs to mature. Combining the growth of two great vegetables will ensure you bring mouth watering freshness to the dinner table.

If you are a garden lover, create a masterpiece this year with a backyard project you can do in no time. A few supplies and a little sweat on your brow will have you growing and enjoying fresher cucumbers and crispier lettuce while admiring the view and your efforts from your stylish backyard.

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