Hanging Flower Baskets Can Make Your Home Look Great

Hanging flower baskets really make a house stand out in the crowd. As I go for my daily walks I notice the homes that impress me the most and they don’t have to be mansions to impress me. A nice clean yard and plenty of plants and flowers is what catches my eye.

Have you ever noticed homes that stand out in the neighborhood? I mean the houses that you walk by or drive by and have to take a second look at. Have you stopped to consider why these homes attract attention? It usually has to do with the way they have landscaped the yard. I find that it does not matter if the home is valued at a modest price or high price, if the yard well cares for it attracts attention.

We have hanging flower baskets around our property, not just on the house. Those pesky flies in hanging flower baskets can be a real killer if not taken care of early. We learned that lesson in the first couple of years we started with flowering hanging baskets. There are products that are safe and will take care of those pesky flies and save the flowers in your hanging baskets.

A well cared for and attention grabbing yard usually incorporates the use of flowers for color. Some people use flowering bushes or shrubs with varied foliage. Other people use containers of flowers on their steps or along a walkway. Other people will choose hanging flower baskets to bring color to the front of their home. The main thing to keep in mind when developing your landscape is that too much can make a yard look junky and too elaborate means that most of your summer is dedicated to lawn care.

I have found that hanging flower baskets are a great low maintenance way to bring color and focus to different areas by our home. We have a front yard light that looks like an old fashioned street light. It has a rod that runs through it and extends out the sides. This is a perfect place to have hanging flower baskets. They are suspended off the ground so we do not have to mow around them and they are low enough to easily water. I have found that I like to pot my own hanging flower baskets. The reason is that the already potted baskets often have very light soil in them so allow the plants to grow and mature quickly in the spring, however by mid to late summer they have lost their looks. By starting my own hanging flower baskets I can use a heavy soil that will mean a slower rate of early growth, but the planters will last a longer time.

When purchasing hanging flower baskets make sure that there are holes in the bottom of the baskets to allow rain and water to drain off so that the plants do not drowned. Also try not to buy the flowering baskets that are already in full bloom. They look beautiful in the nursery and when you first place them out in the yard, but they will not last very long if they are at full maturity when you buy them. Look for hanging flower baskets that are planted close together so that the flowers and foliage will drop down and provide a full look. Also if you do buy a basket that is already planted add some heavy potting soil to the soil already in the basket.

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