Getting rid of ants on fruit trees and bushes

Garden ants often settle in suburban areas, causing significant damage to trees, shrubs and other garden plants.

Often insects make their way into homes, so if ants have bred, they must be fought with, trying not to use chemicals.

What is needed

There is a good proven way to protect against insects. You need to take the old car tire and cut it along the entire circumference into 2 equal parts. The result is 2 rings.

What should be done

Around a shrub or fruit tree, you should dig a groove about half the depth of the tire and place an impromptu rubber bath in the recess.

This method can be applied only with a small young tree or bush.

If the planting has already grown, the rubber ring will have to be cut. After that, lay on the ground, connect the place of the cut and fasten it with plasticine or sealant. When the clutch dries and hardens, water is poured into the tire. Such a barrier to crawling insects, including ants, will be difficult to overcome.

How to strengthen protection

Such protection will work even more effective if you add a few drops of coniferous extract to the water. The liquid will emit a smell that the insects cannot tolerate, which will scare them away from the plants. It is recommended not to add extract to one of the tires. This is necessary so that birds, which destroy many pests, can drink water from there.

other methods

We get rid of ants using other methods. You need to take a sponge for washing dishes, moisten it in sweet jam or brush with honey, put on an ant path. Insects will stick around the bait, after which the pests can be destroyed by lowering the sponge in boiling water. Hot water is used even before planting, treating the soil with boiling water in places where ants gather.

You can strengthen the protection with the help of pungent odors: anise, onion, bitter wormwood, garlic and other plants. They just need to be laid out on the tracks or next to the nests of ants. Natural poison for insects also works well.

On 1 tbsp. l liquid honey is taken 5 g of yeast and mixed with a solution of boric acid. The finished mass should be laid out next to the ant heaps.

Another good way to control pests is salt water. In 1 bucket of water, half a pack of table salt is bred and water the places of ant accumulation, as well as nearby land. It is necessary to dig up the soil more often, destroying the nests, sprinkling them with quicklime and thereby forcing the ants to leave them in search of a new home. Insects will never return to their original place.

Fruit trees save from pests by wrapping the trunk with double-sided tape or masking tape from flies. Not only ants fall into such a trap, but also caterpillars, small bugs and other harmful insects.

There are special belts for catching ants. They can be bought or made independently by impregnating with some sticky composition and placing them on the trunks of fruit trees at a distance of about 60 cm from the ground in early spring. Such traps will last until late autumn, saving trees from the invasion of pests.

It is useful to plant spicy herbs in the aisles of trees: basil, thyme, marigolds, hyssop. They will deter insects, reducing the number of ant families.

All of these methods are absolutely harmless. But if there are too many pests, you will have to resort to more drastic measures and acquire chemicals.

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