Get Rid of Moles Now

OK, so suddenly there are many tunnels all over your yard. What could be underneath the very soil you walk on? Relax. It’s probably just a mole problem. Or don’t relax! These creatures are very destructive creatures, and even though they’re so good at hiding, you’ll be able to clearly see the damage they do to your yard, what with all the visible tunnels and hills showing up. Get rid of them before they go on with what they’re doing and succeed in destroying your garden or yard entirely!

Here are the few and very easy steps you should take to get rid of moles, those highly destructive varmints that ruin all your dreams and plans for a healthy yard:

  1. Moles love grub larvae so much that they will tear out your entire yard or garden for it. So what you need to do is to rid your yard of all the grubs you can find. They’re the reason why they are in your yard. Remove the cause, and you’ll remove the effect as well.
  2. Determine which of the tunnels are active. You’ll know this by doing some damage to each of the tunnels. If the damage is repaired within the course of 24 hours, then, yep, that tunnel is active all right.
  3. After you have gathered which tunnels are active, purchase traps and put them in the active tunnels based on their directions. Check up on the traps regularly, and when you succeed in trapping the mole, remove it.
  4. Using a hose, try to get rid of them by flooding their tunnels. Put the hose pipe’s end into either of the determined active tunnels. Turn on the water and carefully pay attention as you wait for the it to escape out of the flooded tunnels.

Just so you know, the mole traps may kill the mole, but if you don’t want that, you should check the traps often so you can get the varmint out and set it free. Of course, you’re supposed to set it free somewhere far away, so you won’t see it again in your yard.

You can’t take the presence of moles in your yard lightly, unless if you don’t mind them crawling around doing much damage to your property. If you don’t want that to happen, follow the steps mentioned above and get rid of moles now.

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