Benefits of Organic Gardening

We turned to organic produce some years ago as a way to get healthier and to combat migraine headaches that plagued my life since childhood.

See, don’t I look happy in my picture. I not only feel a whole lot better but so does my family as they don’t have to walk on tip-toes and see my suffering and in such pain.

Many people today are doing the same thing as organic produce make them feel safer about the foods they consume 24/7/365. More and more people are becoming aware of what’s happening to the food we buy and put in our bodies. I remember all the poison my dad used to spray on everything growing, even the fruit trees and I used to climb them and gorge myself with apples.

Many of the chemicals dad would spray on our food has since been banned but we really didn’t know of all the dangers back then. However today there is NO excuse for spraying poisons that are going to harm the environment, animal life as well as human life.

We are now 100% organic gardeners, both my wife and I feel strong about health and much safer eating our produce. For the produce we still need to purchase we have special soaps to clean them before eating.

The only time I suffer migraines today is when I forget to wash something and eat it right away. At least 8 out of 10 times I get a migraine and am sick as a dog for 24 hours.

When you start gardening organically you’ll learn how good produce can really taste and you and your family will feel safer and even healthier. You, as we do, deserve to eat healthy food that’s not going to kill us all.

Organic Gardening Is Benefits The Environment

Not only does organic gardening make you healthier it makes the entire planet healthier as well, for a few reasons.

  1. Poisons seep into the ground and into our water supply, not a good thing.
  2. Insects on plants tend to get sprayed as well and then those poisoned insects poison the birds that eat them.
  3. If the poison is strong enough the animals that eat the poisoned birds could be poisoned as well. Seen your cat lately.
  4. Spraying poisons more than you’re targeting and many helpful species of insects will be poisoned as well. Even those butterflies that visit your garden, or used to.

Everyone pays when using sprays that are harmful to nature. There are organic methods of control. One I use is to just pick the insects off plants and take them away from the garden to destroy them.

Wake Up Your Taste Buds

Growing your garden organically will give your taste buds a treat they may never have experienced and that’s how good organic food tastes. The first strawberry and raspberry I had from our organic garden nearly brought me to tears.

I couldn’t remember them ever tasting this good. Organic gardening is the answer to so many health problems and environmental problems today.

Yes Organic Gardening Is More Work

The health benefits of organic gardening certainly out way the extra work I do to make it happen. My health has improved dramatically since we started growing our own produce. So if I have to pick bugs off my plants and drop them in a bucket of soapy water to kill them I’m doing it.

I am out in my gardens and not just my vegetable garden, my flower gardens are well and look for any pests I don’t want. We also attract a lot of birds that help us clean up pests too.

Now when we use a spray it’s organic and usually homemade. We also plant flowers some bugs don’t like. We plant those near the plants the bugs do like, as a deterrent.

At the beginning of our gardening experience we thought organic was going to cost use more but we were wrong. Most of the stuff we use we can make right at home, plus we make our own compost using a compost bin we found behind our garage when we bought this home.

But for me the cost was not ever an issue. My health on the other hand is a definite issue and when I forget and eat something that’s be sprayed I am quickly reminded of why we are organic gardeners today. Enjoy the benefits of organic gardening.

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