A Few Home Gardening Tips About Planting Your Perennials

It’s so beautiful in the spring and our perennials just keep coming back year after year. We have even seen new perennials we haven’t seen before and we’ve been living here for 5 years now. That is just so cool.

We just cut the perennials back each year, after they have given us their best and are ready for a long winter nap. They are one of the things that just say spring has sprung.

The fact that perennials return every year or so means they continue growing and can get a bit unruly if not maintained. We like to split them up late fall and put them into other gardens we have.

Always Check With Your Local Nursery

Jenny and I love heading off to our local nursery, MacArthur’s Nursery Moncton where we spend hours and a little money each year finding new perennials to put in our home gardens.

You can buy them as bulbs in bags or boxes but we tend to buy them in containers so we get to see them sooner than if we planted the bulbs. Although having them available in packages is great if they are being mailed to you.

You can learn more about planting perennials from the great video I found on Youtube. I have included it at the end of this article.

When Should You Plant Perennials

If you have bulbs you should plant them in the spring or even late fall so they are ready to come to life come spring. If your perennials are already growing in pots you can plant them at any time through the growing season however the earlier the better if you want the full effect.

How To Plant Perennials

You’ll find perennial planting to be fairly simple. Like most plants you have started you would just plant them to about the same depth as they were in the pot, how easy is that. I tend to make the hole a little deeper and wider and add some 5-10-5 fertilizer.

With the hole a bit bigger than the pot your perennial will have some elbow room for the root ball to grow healthy and strong.

Take time loosening the dirt and root ball. They tend to be root bound if they are in smaller pots or containers. You do need to take care at this points to keep from damaging the roots. Next you can give them a good drink of water. Wait for it to drain and then give it a bit more being careful not to leave them standing in water too long.

We add some mulch around the perennials so they don’t allow water to evaporate. This way they need watering less often.

We had a few perennials to enjoy that had already been planted in our home gardens. It was great to see hundreds of crocus poking through the soil as soon as the snow melted enough. We also had a garden of tulips and daffodils. There are also a dozen or so columbines that we transplanted along the south side of our garden shed.

Since then we have added a few Iris and some red and white peonies. So much beauty year after year with perennials.

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